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Scott Yanow, Jazz Around Town - “Maricle staked her claim as one of the great big band drummers.” (Playboy Jazz Festival)

Geannine Reid, All About Jazz - “Another outstanding composition, which there are many on this album (The DIVA Jazz Orchestra’s 25th Anniversary Project) is Maricle's own, "The Rhythm Changes." The energy peaks for Maricle's solo, filled with passion, phrasing, and rhythmic clarity all delivered with clean technique that swings.”

Hank Schteamer, RollingStone - The 14 Best Things We Saw At Newport 2018: “Maricle played a mostly supportive role, but her thunderous old-school drum breaks heightened the overall vibe of timeless craft and showmanship.”

Hrayar Attarian, All About Jazz - "Maricle's own "The Rhythm Changes" closes this superb album (The DIVA Jazz Orchestra’s 25th Anniversary Project) with exuberance. Hard swinging and fiery refrains overlap to create the piece's frameworkand Maricle engages the various sections of the orchestra with her thunderous polyrhythms and ushers in the moving and riotous conclusion.”

Mark Phillips, The Vinyl Anachronist - "...the glue that holds this gorgeous-sounding machine together is the exciting drum work by Maricle herself. She is a fascinating, adept drummer with notable athleticism.”

Marilyn Lester, Theater Pizzazz - " Maricle demonstrated skills so considerable as to place her in the pantheon of greats with names like Krupa, Bellson, Rich, Roach and Blakey himself.”

Phillip Lutz, DownBeat - “Under her (Sherrie Maricle) musical direction, the band (The DIVA Jazz Orchestra) has over the years cooked up a muscular mix of swagger, soul and intense lyricism. The orchestra’s impressive longevity can be attributed partially to the aesthetic clarity with which she guides the band.”

Ken Dryden, New York City Jazz Record - “With so many strong charts, it’s hard to pick out a favorite but the leader’s (Sherrie Maricle) emotional ballad Forever in My Heart stands out for its lush ensemble passages while her blusey closer The Rhythm Changes is snappy coda to this outstanding release.”

Tony Frankel, Theater Los Angeles - “DIVA Jazz Orchestra is led by Sherrie Maricle, who triumphs in a knockout drum solo during Juan Tizol’s “Caravan.”

Hamilton Spectator - “Maricle drove the evening’s music along with a contained fury of the power plant of a nuclear submarine.”

Saxophone Journal - “[Sherrie Maricle] is an incredibly gifted drummer who has super human technique combined with first class musicianship.”

Doug Ramsey, Arts Journal Rifftides  - A few of the album’s (The DIVA Jazz Orchestra’s 25th Anniversary Project) many impressive moments: Maricle’s drum fills and solo on her powerful piece “The Rhythm Changes.”

Susan Galbraith, DC Theater Scene - "led by the fabulous drummer Dr. Sherrie Maricle. The solos were outstanding,… not only Maricle on her Buddy Rich stand-out solo on “Caravan...”

Joe Adcock, Showbiz Radio - “Her (Sherrie Maricle) solo riff is an astounding display of blurring sticks and flying hands.”

Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz - “Jackie Warren is a powerfully grooving pianist; Meanwhile Amy Shook and Sherrie Maricle set up a beat so strong it could drive a fleet of eighteen-wheelers.”

Icrom Bigrad, Jazz Sensibilities -“Maricle and Shook are a tremendous rhythm section, Warren fills the space above, with melodic constructions that prove this trio is in a whole other league. A total win!”

Jeff Davis, Binghamton Press -  “She worked her way around the drums as both a rock-steady time keeper and dynamic soloist.”

Downbeat Magazine - “Maricle’s lively inventive chops proved that not all straight-ahead drummers are mere time keepers.”

Featured Articles & Podcasts

Jazz Times | Sherrie Maricle, The DIVA in Profile

When Sherrie Maricle was 11 years old, she decided she wanted to play the trumpet. “Girls don’t play the trumpet,” she was told by a teacher at her school in Buffalo, N.Y. Maricle tried a couple of other instruments without success, and then one day she hit a drum...

Jazz Times | Sherrie Maricle on Big Band History

On March 30, 1993, drummer Sherrie Maricle and the DIVA Jazz Orchestra gave their debut performance at the Loeb Student Center at New York University, where Maricle was then on the faculty. They spent nine months holding auditions, perfecting new arrangements and rehearsing...

National Endowment For the Arts | Podcast: Interview with Sherrie Maricle

Downbeat | DIVA Celebrates 25 Years

Buddy Rich used to bill himself as the World’s Greatest Drummer. Sherrie Maricle would not disagree. Chatting in a Carnegie Hall anteroom before an April performance with the New York Pops, the drummer recalled seeing Rich for the first time in 1974 at the Forum in Binghamton, New York. She was 11...

Local 802 AFM | Sherrie Maricle Does it All

Sherrie Maricle, a member of Local 802 since 1988, is a top bandleader, music director, composer, arranger and percussionist. From the drum set, Maricle leads three incarnations of her DIVA groups: the DIVA Jazz Orchestra, the DIVA Jazz Trio, and the 3DIVAS (which she co-leads)...

NPR Jazz Night in America | No Man's Band: All-Female Jazz Orchestras Then and Now